Our scope of supply includes the following range of products -

  • Straight boiler tubes (carbon steel and alloy steel)
  • Bent and manipulated tubes
  • Swaged tubes
  • Finned tubes
  • Bed tubes
  • Economiser tube-coils
  • Superheater tube-coils
  • Bed coils
  • All types of boiler tube spare parts
  • Blind tube nipples/dummy tube plugs
  • Hand hole caps and covers
  • Steam pipes (carbon steel and alloy steel)
  • Blowdown and drain pipes
  • Sootblower pipes
  • Pipe bends (long and short radius)
  • Expansion loops
  • Elbows Flanges (slip-on, blank, weld neck)
  • Reducers (concentric and eccentric)
  • Tees (equal and unequal)
  • Steam distribution headers
  • Drain assemblies
  • Moisture separators
  • Strainers
  • Steam valves
  • Steam traps
  • Pressure reducing stations

Note - We maintain large stocks of ERW and seamless boiler tubes and pipes of all sizes and thicknesses, of carbon steel and alloy steel materials, and of different specifications (British standard, ASTM, DIN) with manufacturer’s test certificates.